• Reworking of a Frontage in Fulham

    Reworking of a House in Fulham


    Shape Architecture is currently engaged in a promising development that aims to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of a property in Fulham. The project, now in the planning phase and awaiting approval, involves significant changes to the front garden wall, aligning with the client’s vision for a fresh, modern upgrade that prioritizes security and accessibility.

    The initial phase of the project involves demolishing the existing white rendered wall that currently borders the front garden. The reason for this change is not just aesthetic but also functional, as the new design calls for a red brick wall that improves the look and features enhanced functionality. The new wall will be slightly wider, expanded by 150mm to 200mm, to allow easier access, aimed at enhancing the ease of entry into the property.

    The new wall incorporates railings and a plinth; it will be topped with new railings and include a wider plinth of approximately 700mm. This plinth will house a new modern letterbox and a security system to control access. The inclusion of a new gate, which makes it lockable and secure, is a significant part of the scheme. The project also involves levelling off the ground and lowering the street entrance to remove a step off the pavement, thus creating level access.

    The proposed changes include maintaining the current light well protrusion by adding a canopy held up by steelwork, reducing its ground-level protrusion by half, thus optimizing space while maintaining functionality.

    An accessible bin store will be positioned on the left-hand side of the front garden, designed to be easily accessible without entering the garden itself.

    To accommodate the door to the lower ground floor lightwell without obstruction, the plan includes elevating the grille above the door by adding a slight brick plinth, a solution inspired by similar enhancements seen in neighbouring properties.

    The project will also extend to the rear garden, where the existing wall is showing signs of bowing. To address this, the development plan includes erecting a new wall with a slatted fence along with new ground treatment. These changes are not only essential for safety and structural integrity but will also transform how the family utilises and enjoys their outdoor space.

    This development reflects the client’s desire for a secure, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing frontage and will greatly enhance the property and surroundings.

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