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As a Chartered RIBA London Architectural Practice, Shape Architecture has a great deal of expertise working in the design and construction of private residential projects throughout and across London. With a portfolio of completed work ranging from simple rear and side or kitchen extensions to full basement conversions and extensive alterations to listed buildings, we pride ourselves on the speed of our delivery and our attention to detail and technical competence. We have achieved planning permissions to challenging projects in conservation areas, to listed buildings, as well as in the green belt, and we can bring over fifteen years of expertise in sustainable design to any project.

Contemporary Extensions in Richmond

As London based architects working in Richmond, Shape Architecture can bring their expertise in private residential projects to all their work. With our extensive portfolio of previous projects ranging from full house refurbishments or basement conversions to contemporary extensions and pod rooms, we can illustrate a wide variety of design issues and how to deal with them. Our architecture is contemporary and addresses the issues of light, space, and transparency, as well as exploring the physical and visual connection between internal and external spaces.

Richmond Architects

In working on extensions in Richmond, Shape Architecture London looks to create modern and open interiors filled with light, featuring a good connection between the inside and outside spaces. To do this, we are required to consider the interior and exterior context of each property, particularly when we are making alterations to a listed property. Additionally, where a large extension increases floor plan considerably, or the project features a basement extension, we will look to include several light wells or a feature staircase into the design. Large feature staircases are a great way of creating a light well the full height of the building, drawing light down straight from the top of the property and allowing it to infiltrate the entire project. They can also provide an interesting and unique focal point for the project.

Light-Filled Richmond Basement Conversions

Using a light well at the rear of a property is a good way to provide a connection directly between a basement conversion and the rear garden, often with a glazed or transparent bridge across it from the rear extension. This allows light and a sense of openness into the basement rooms of a property, even at lower levels, and can also be used midway through the depth of a property with an internal glass bridge, ensuring that a contemporary basement conversion can stay full of natural light.

Gaining Planning Permissions to Listed Buildings

Such an approach is typical of Shape Architecture’s approach in London, where we have an extensive amount of experience completing projects of all types and styles, from contemporary house extensions to interior architecture and apartment reconfigurations. We have a proven track record of working well with the planning departments of boroughs across London, and have a great deal of experience gaining planning permissions for challenging developments, including one double basement in a conservation area. Whether we are making alterations to listed buildings designing a basement excavation and extension to go with a full scale house refurbishment, we can draw on our design backgrounds and technical expertise to make your project a success.

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Unlocking the Potential of New Extensions

Renders, architectural visualisations and computers images also aid the project development by allowing us to create, test, and examine light studies for any new spaces, particularly new constructions such as building extensions or basement excavations. Additionally, they can be exceptionally useful in unlocking the potential of any project. This is particularly true for projects where it can be difficult to visualise a final project in a space that is already occupied with existing development.

Architects Recommended by Clients

The majority of Shape Architecture’s work comes through client recommendation, and so we work hard to communicate effectively and clearly with our clients at all stages of the design process and throughout the project’s construction, and it is this fine attention to detail that is a major contributing factor in the success of our past projects. This client relationship is key to our work as a company. We are always happy to meet with a client for an initial free consultation

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