• Seaford Extension

    Seaford Extension

    Shape Architecture have been working on a full house refurbishment of a bungalow in Seaford, East Sussex. The scheme sees the transformation of the existing dwelling with single storey extensions on the ground floor and a loft extension. A key element of this scheme involves the intended removal of a redundant garage situated at the rear of the property. A side and rear extension would then subsequently be built. This extension will feature a pitched roof that matches with the existing roof’s slope.  An important part of our Client’s brief is transforming the house for disabled use and access.

    Another aspect worth highlighting is the strategic decision to reposition the front door, aligning it directly with the street. The existing entrance, adjacent to a narrow driveway, presents challenges for vehicles and particularly wheelchair users. In compliance with contemporary regulations, the proposed scheme relocates the front door to ensure flush access from the street, meeting modern Part-M Standards.  This shift is intended to both enhance accessibility from street level while adding to the property’s visual appeal.

    The extension seeks to uplift the existing building through the use of high-quality materials and improved living spaces which sees an internal remodel and formation of a new shower room, again, suitable for disabled access. Enhancing accessibility is reflected in several design alterations. These include incorporating larger door openings, ensuring flush access, and upgrading bathroom facilities on the ground floor. These changes collectively promise a higher quality of living for occupants.

    A staircase provides access to the loft extension, offering the potential for an extra bedroom or a dedicated study area.

    The proposed design serves to transform an existing quite standard bungalow.  From accessibility and aesthetics to spatial functionality and environmental sensitivity, the proposal reflects a considered approach to create an improved family dwelling.


    Link to Rustington House Project:  https://www.shapearchitecture.co.uk/project/rustington-house/


    If you have a bungalow you would like to consider transforming with additional space and creating alight filed interior please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture at 01273 648 342 or brighton@shapearchitecture.co.uk  .  We would be happy to discuss this with you.


    Existing Ground Floor Plan
    Proposed Ground Floor Plan
    3D Model of Extension
    3D Model of Extension
    3D Model of Extension