• Shape Architecture 2016

    This year has been yet another busy one for Shape Architecture across a diverse range of project type and size. We would like to highlight several projects of interest to describe in greater detail.

    The year started strongly in Fulham as we begun work on our 16th basement project keeping up our 100% success rate for planning permissions for Fulham basement projects.  We continued to work on projects of all sizes and types in Fulham throughout the year, ranging from the very smallest pod room to all manner of extensions and refurbishments.

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    Shape Architecture continues to be one of London’s principle basement architects.  We have reached sixteen such projects in Fulham alone and many more throughout London.

    In Wimbledon, Ealing and Barnes our range of private residential projects continued to grow. Projects included a below garden basement in Barnes and a low energy renovation of a house in Wimbledon with external insulated render markedly improving the energy efficiency of the house both of which were taken forward in the Spring.

    We noted an increase in the geographical spread of our projects; a below garden basement to a Grade II listed building in Windsor in the West of London. A sustainable development of a country house near St Albans adds the low energy refurbishment of a Country House to our portfolio. In Sussex the complete reworking of large house overlooking Hastings Old Town and a wide variety of projects ranging from a boutique hotel near the new i-360 to the reworking of a Grade II listed flat in Montpelier Terrace Brighton.

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    Common to all these projects is a creative attention to detail and the ability to take on projects with both challenging briefs and varied planning issues.

    The importance to the practice of these projects is found in their diversity of type, scale and setting.  The level of experience and expertise derived from such a breadth of work underscores the service Shape Architecture is able to offer each new Client and project.

    Throughout the year we have continued to utilise and further develop our expertise in sustainable design with many projects featuring grass roofs and free energy from ground source heat pumps.

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    Our use of recycled and upcycled materials continues to develop and particularly do this year with the completion of our project in Hastings working with Retrouvious.

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    The design of an office in Bray in Berkshire formed from recycled shipping containers added to the variety of our portfolio work.

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    The interior design of projects is key to our residential portfolio alongside our expertise in low energy design.  Both strands have developed throughout the year taking in the up cycling of chemistry tables to the design of elaborate four storey internal feature stairs.

    In our working with Schools and Nurseries we have continued out longstanding relationship with the Montessori Place in Hove in the development of their new large site in Uckfield, East Sussex.

    Our work on listed buildings throughout London and the South East also continued to be large part of our portfolio ranging from subterranean development of a Grade II listed house in Windsor, a Grade II listed flat in Montpelier Crescent in Hove and another Grade II house opposite Hyde Park in London

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    We also continue to look at apartments schemes.  In Putney, we are currently working on the redevelopment of a large dental surgery into a series of flats.

    Shape Architecture had also continued to work on smaller residential projects such as at Edge Street in Kensington now about to start on site that adds a side return infill extension with feature glass roof to internal refurbishment to create a contemporary light filled interior.

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    All in all, 2016 has continued to provide many varied projects and we hope 2017 will too, citing interest in a fully subterranean modern house in the countryside which we are looking forward to exploring on our return to the office.