Small Projects

Shape Architecture was established with a commitment to work on projects of all sizes to ensure a diversity of work within the practice, an approach which benefits all clients. We enjoy projects where a small intervention makes a big difference. Thesse are very often small private residential projects. Often, the removal of a wall, introduction of a rooflight or opening up a space onto the garden has an enormous impact on the use and enjoyment of a space and is well worth understanding. Small projects might also be the re-working of a bathroom and kitchen or the addition of an electrical charging point to a listed building. All of which we have worked on. Small projects are not just confined to private residential works as Shape Architecture have undertaken such work in the community sector with projects such as our Eco-Sheds one and two which are in public settings and constructed from recycled materials. These are small projects with big hearts. Our office always has a number of such projects on the drawing board.


Sample Project

If you would like to discuss a Small Project that can make a big difference, then please Contact us at Shape Architecture.