• Site Visit in Lewisham

    Project in Lewisham: Site Visit


    As architects, our profession is often seen as one that revolves around drawings, measurements, and technical details. At Shape Architecture, much of our time is spent on site, often attending existing old buildings with the premise of uncovering potential in the most unexpected places. In the borough of Lewisham, our free initial consultation service took us to a special and unusual property.


    Lewisham: A Borough of Architectural Variety


    Working as architects in Lewisham offers a variety of different types of projects, thanks to the borough’s diverse range of properties. This recent visit to a double-fronted property, formerly a shop, underscores this diversity. Stepping into this building was like a journey back in time. Untouched since the mid-20th century, it stood as a testament to the era’s aesthetic sensibilities, complete with old decor and intriguing furniture. It was more than a building; it was a time capsule.

    One of the most exhilarating parts of our job is encountering properties like this one. Walking through the space, with its vibrant wallpapers, brightly painted built-in furniture, and undeniable air of nostalgia, was a unique experience. Despite the property’s dilapidated state, it exuded a charm that only historical buildings possess.

    In these walls, we saw not just the past but immense potential.  Our client interactions often commence with a mutual excitement for the possibilities. Lewisham, with its frequent refurbishments of Victorian properties, presents numerous opportunities for us to enhance not just individual buildings but also the broader streetscape.