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    Southwick Architects

    Working as architects in Southwick Shape Architecture has gained planning permission for the extension and refurbishment of a large house located off Southwick Green in a Conservation Area



    Southwick Extension


    The brief called for a large side extension that both extends the kitchen and dining room and also  adds a new garage.  The existing property is of a very particular design and our extension had to address both this and the scale of the proposal. We were nonetheless able to gain planning permission at our first try given that the planning application demonstrated a clear understanding of the existing architecture and it’s context and the way in which the proposed extension integrates with this.


    If you are considering an extension in Southwick or similar project.  If you would like to transform your property.  Please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture at 01273 648 342 or brighton@shapearchitecture.co.uk 

    Existing Ground Floor Plan
    Existing Elevation
    Proposed Ground Floor Plan
    Proposed Elevation