• Stair Design

    Stair Design


    Stairs are very often a feature of our work from those in small projects to ones in larger houses and community projects.  As distinct elements within a building, they are creative, elegant, and sculptural and serve to bring light into spaces and glimpses of others.  We use a variety of materials ranging from folded metal plate to glass and oak.  When designing stairs, the use of 3D computer models is of particular value in exploring and explaining the design and also how the stair sits in the space.




    Our stair at the Community Centre in Peacehaven is a good case in point, where a folded metal stair is set behind a two-storey glass screen, clearly visible as an interesting form on arrival.  Brightly coloured and flooded with light it has proved to be very successful.  In a number of basement projects in Fulham feature stairs connect the basement to the ground floor and these either follow the pattern of existing stairs, such as at our basement projects in Broomhouse Road or Beauclerc Road.  Or else they exist as standalone feature stairs, opening the ground floor onto the basement, such as at projects in Ellerby street or our current basement extension in St Maur Road in Fulham.  All are interesting in their form, with well chosen materials and crisp detailing.