• Stevenage Road, Fulham Basement Extension

    Luxury Architects in FulhamFollowing the success of our Fulham basement extensions and particularly those in the ‘alphabet streets’ Shape Architecture was selected by a local developer to undertake a large basement extension and whole house development in Stevenage Road opposite Bishops Park. In our portfolio of fifteen Fulham Basements, this project is one of the larger ones and a similar size to the basement project we have recently completed in Queensmill Road.

    A feature of this project is the size, design and integration of the rooms and garden spaces to the rear of the property. Here computer models were used extensively during the design process to explore precisely and discuss a variety of options with our client, with particular reference to the impact of daylight and artificial lighting.

    Three sliding glazed doors with narrow frames ensure that the kitchen dining space is very connected to the garden. Once open the doors give onto a terrace area and then several steps up lead to the garden.

    The principle feature of the terrace is several structural glass panels which light the basement room below; providing an interesting composition of elements and helps integrate the basement with the rest of the property; further aided by the incorporation of steps from the basement that are located at the edge of the terrace.

    The kitchen itself is large and light filled and comfortable incorporates a run of wall units, kitchen island, dining area and soft seating, all with excellent views of the garden.

    The rear garden light well was explored in many forms alongside the various ways that light could be brought into the basement family room. Rather than a light well that stays parallel to the rear facade one that was turned through 90 degrees to run parallel with the party wall line was favoured, being framed with glass to its side to allow most light into the basement. This was the reinforced with several structural glass roof lights set into the terrace above.

    Fulham ArchitectsThis Fulham basement extension is noticeably light, bright and contemporary in its interior design and uses natural light and artificial light sources very well.

    When designing basement extensions, it is important to incorporate a variety of different natural light sources that both help to lead you through a space and fill it with light through all times of the day. Aligning the light sources with distinct design features such as the stair between the ground floor and basement helps to integrate the various spaces further together as one considered composition.

    In constructing this project, we were able to work with Structural Engineers and a Contractor, both of whom we had built some Fulham basement extensions with and this helped a great deal in communication and achieving an efficient working methodology.