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    In a charming corner of Chiswick, near The Avenue and Fielding Road, our unique residential project received planning approval. The proposed single-storey side extension, along with dormer and roof extensions, had successfully obtained planning consent. The scheme  considered the neighborhood’s character and adhered to key regulations and site constraints. Notably, this project involved an end terrace development extending at the side to the properties boundary.

    Our proposal included a single-storey side extension spanning the entire depth of the dwelling along its northern (side) elevation and running along the length of the gable end. This ground floor reconfiguration mirrored similar developments in neighboring properties on the street, albeit with a more architectural and elegant approach.

    While the project site was not within a conservation area, it presented unique challenges and site constraints, including controlled parking regulations, access considerations, and the design needed to preserve the street’s character. Mindful planning allowed us to overcome these obstacles.

    The journey commenced with pre-application advice to assess the project’s feasibility. A strong emphasis was placed on design and aesthetics, with a commitment to seamlessly blending into the surrounding built environment. Initial feedback raised concerns about the extension’s perceived size and impact, prompting revisions before the final planning submission.

    Feedback suggested that the initially proposed side extension, which ran the entire length of the existing gable, was excessively lengthy. To address this concern, we provided photographs showcasing neighboring houses with similar side extensions along their side elevations/gable ends. Additionally, we introduced a wide glazed roof element to break up the visual continuity and bulkiness of the side extension.

    It’s crucial to note that the scale of the proposed addition remained subordinate to the main dwelling, in line with the prevailing development style in the area. Furthermore, the ground floor expansion did not extend beyond the rear of the existing back addition. Measures were taken to minimise the impact and size of the side extension through the incorporation of a glazed roof element, enhancing the overall aesthetics and design harmony.

    Engaging with the local council from the project’s outset played a pivotal role in its success. This collaborative approach ensured that the final scheme satisfied all parties.

    Throughout the planning process, residential amenity was a paramount consideration. The proposal was designed to offer residents an elevated quality of living, featuring ample natural light, privacy, and minimal visual disruption. The result is an improved building that significantly enhances the streetscape.

    If you have a project you would like us to be involved in, we are more than happy to guide you through all RIBA stages and offer a complimentary initial consultation. Please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture at 0203 7706360 or london@shapearchitecture.co.uk  .  We would be happy to discuss this with you.

    Existing and Proposed Ground Floor Plans
    Proposed 3D View