• Transform Your Home in 2023

    Transform Your Home in 2023


    As the New Year begins Shape Architecture has achieved two new planning permissions in our first weeks back.  One in Fulham and the other in Eastbourne.  Both a basis for the transformation of a home in 2023.  Our planning permission in Fulham is for a light filled wrap around extension to a ground floor flat.  The Eastbourne planning permission is to a house in a prominent Conservation Area and involves multiple extensions.  Common to both applications has been a combination of the quality of the design in respect of its response to the client’s brief and the demands of the site, coupled with an efficient navigation of the planning process.  Underscoring both is the use of 3D computer models that enable a clear and easily communicated design process to develop.



    Fulham Planning Permission


    Working as architects in Fulham we undertake residential projects of all size and type ranging from basement extensions to pod rooms, roof terraces and extensions of all types.  This project is quite typical of many ground floor flats that are far from being well connected with their gardens and are set out as a series of smallish rooms.  Our approach is to create a wraparound extension that floods the interior with daylight.  On entering the kitchen living space there is a real wow factor derived from the size of the space and the feeling of a light filled contemporary interior with ample views of sky and garden.  Often, we treat the new roofs as green sedum roofs with rooflights set within.  Here the emphasis is on the mix of the pattern of glass and timber framing.  An interesting play of light and shadow results.  Whilst at the planning stage much attention was also spent on the interior design.  With planning permission granted this will be a good foundation for an efficient move to the next stage which is the detailed and technical design of the project.



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    Eastbourne Planning Permission


    Working as architects in Eastbourne we have a wide-ranging experience of designing in Conservation Areas.  Here our project is located in the Park Close  Conservation Area and is one of a  series of houses seen as important by the planning authority.

    The proposal sees the introduction of a rear extension which matches the roof form and mass of the existing building. A side extension forms an area for a new kitchen space with the rear of the property becoming a  living and dining room.  The planning permission’s success has bene much aided by the us of the planning pre-app route whereby valuable advice can be obtained by the planners prior to the submission of the full application and this is a particularly useful route when working on conservation Area and Listed Building projects.



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    Transform your Home with Shape Architecture in 2023


    As recognized experts in transforming homes Shape Architecture would be happy to discuss any plans you may have for 2023.