• Transform your home with Shape Architecture

    Transform your home with Shape Architecture

    We are pleased to be recognized as architects expert in transforming homes.  We were one of only 30 UK practices selected by the Royal Institute of British Architects in their publication ‘House goals: Work with Architects; transform your home’.


    The success of our work is founded on the creative use of glass and natural light and the connection between inside and outside spaces in the creation of light filled contemporary spaces. Underscoring this is the nature of the design process we undertake which makes extensive use of 3D computer models to ensure we can communicate clearly with our client and that the design process is as efficient as possible and realises the full potential of the project.


    Our work is across a full range of homes from small extensions to basement extensions.  The project included in the RIBA Book we note above is really a simple side extension where the transformation is dramatic through the careful use of glass and the understanding of a hierarchy of design features.


    We also offer over twenty years of experience in sustainable design and can offer advice on small and efficient low energy measures to the use of renewable technologies.  We are always working on projects incorporating solar panels, heat pumps and solar thermal technologies.

    Kitchen and Dining area at Rugby Road