• Walk in Wardrobe Design

    Walk in Wardrobe Design

    Shape Architecture designs bespoke furniture for many of its projects and has done so over the last 17 years.  This often includes the design of walk-in wardrobes.  As architects we undertake interior design services ranging from lighting design to bathroom design and the design of walk-in wardrobes is a frequent part of our interior design work.  As with all our work we use 3D computer models.

    The design and procurement process for a walk-in wardrobe will commence with discussions and sketches with our clients.  We are often briefed by our clients with images they like via Pinterest or similar and this works well.  We will then work up a series of options in 2D and also 3D computer modelling to clearly explain the design options.  Our client will make comments and we will revise the design accordingly.

    Once the design is agreed we move onto detailed technical drawings supported by specification notes.  This will form the basis of the contractor providing a price for the element as a part of the tender process. Once the Contractor is appointed and the project stats on site.  The detailed technical design of the walk-in wardrobe will progress with the assistance of the Joinery Sub-Contractor.

    We will ask for samples of key elements to be provided on site and this can include a variety of paint or veneer finishes.  We will also ask for the Contractor to provide ‘shop drawings’ for comment prior to manufacturer.  This process ensures our clients receive bespoke furniture that perfectly compliments the interior design and meets all their needs.

    An architect that offers such a service helps ensure an holistic and well integrated design is achieved and this is an important aspect of a successful project.

    Walk in Wardrobe
    Walk in wardrobe view from En-suite.

    If you would like to discuss a wardrobe design project, please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture.  We would be happy to discuss your future project with you.