• Westminster Refurbishment

    Westminster Refurbishment

    Our refurbishment project at St James Place in Westminster is now nearing completion. This project sees the refurbishment of a large flat overlooking Green Park, to create a light contemporary interior. Working as architects in Westminster we had successfully completed a similar project in Grosvenor Square last year and it was on the basis of this project that Shape Architecture was commissioned.

    Light Contemporary Interior

    We have opened up the interior and added further en-suite bathrooms, a study and utility room. The kitchen and existing bathrooms have also been upgraded with new high quality fixtures and fittings and new wall and floor surfaces.

    London Refurbishment Architects

    As London Architects carrying out refurbishment work in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, and throughout London, we have a vast experience in refurbishing and extending existing properties. We have just started two refurbishment projects in Fulham; one relatively small that will be completed in six weeks, and one larger that also incorporates a side infill extension and a second floor pod room and will last six months.

    Energy Upgrade

    At St James Place we have also obtained planning permission to replace all the existing Critall windows with double glazed versions, as we had also done at Grosvenor Square. This will markedly improve the energy performance of the flat and also improve its acoustic performance. Much effort has been made with the design of the artificial lighting and the new heating and ventilation design, in order to provide a contemporary, energy efficient and easily controllable installation.

    Westminster Interior Design

    As with all our refurbishment projects we carry out an extensive amount of interior design work ranging from the design of bespoke furniture to the full co-ordination of bathroom interiors. We produce large scale floor plans and wall elevations to ensure that all elements are well located and co-ordinated.