• Windsor Basement Extensions

    Windsor Basement Extensions

    Our basement extension in Windsor is a good example of the ever wider area where London basement extensions are being undertaken. Whilst the majority of our London basement extensions over the years have centred around Kensington and Fulham, we have for the last year worked over a wider area in and around London. This includes basement extensions in Barnes, Putney and Windsor for example.

    Windsor Basement Extension: Design Ideas

    As architects designing basements it is often in the interface between the existing property and the new basement extension that much potential lies. This basement extension in Windsor is of particular interest as we are designing a glazed space as a transition between the existing building and the new basement. The new basement itself will be set entirely below the garden which itself provides much potential for an architecturally interesting interior. The transition space is seen as being filled with plants and a place where the Client will sit and eat. There is much potential for a variety of interesting views between this space and the garden beyond and basement below.

    Windsor Basement Extension: Survey

    An extensive digital survey has been undertaken by Shape Architecture that results in both a series of 2D plans, sections and elevations and also a comprehensive 3D model. The model provides a basis for all future design work. All our London basement extensions benefit from this design approach, which is particularly valuable in assessing the best way to design views out and daylight in.