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    Bathroom Design

    Whether designing an En-suite or Family Bathroom a variety of factors influence the appearance of the space.  The design decisions relate to more than simply choosing the type of bath or wash hand basin and below we look at those issues that contribute to a successful bathroom design.

    Bathroom Tiling

    Wall Tiling and Floor Tiling offer opportunities to set the character of the bathroom and are a key design decision.  The tiling can change in format from small scale mosaic to large format tiles.  The pattern and colour of the tile is an important choice as they might form a background to other colourful elements or else themselves provide a colourful point of interest.  On a recent project we have used a range of tiles from Emery and Cie which served to provide very interesting patterns and colours to a number of bathrooms in a house refurbishment.

    High Wickham, Hastings, East Sussex
    Bathroom Furniture

    At Shape Architecture we design vanity units and mirrored cupboards to sit within each bathroom.  These elements provide an opportunity for a design statement and can vary from the sleek and contemporary to a more colourful upcycled object.  Mirrors and highly polished surfaces help bounce light around the space and create a light bright interior.  Artificial light such as LED strips incorporated into these items of furniture always work well.

    Redesdale Street, Chelsea, London
    High Wickham, Hastings, East Sussex
    Bathroom Fixtures

    The Specification of fixtures and fittings has an impact on the aesthetic of the bathroom both in their styling and the finish.  Equally important is their performance and ease of use.


    Niches feature in moth bathrooms and shower rooms and offer a practical storage space.  Again the opportunity arises for incorporating artificial lighting which might be concealed LED strips or spot lights.  The geometry of the niche will also have a distinct visual impact be it a horizontal wide slot or centrally located square, incorporating glass shelves or entirely open.

    Queensmill Road, Fulham, London
    Bathroom Art

    The design of a bathroom can follow the overall aesthetic of the wider project.  Where we have worked on upcycling and worked alongside artists then the bathroom will naturally reflect this approach to satisfy the clients brief and expectations.

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