• Brighton Infill Projects

    Brighton Infill Extensions


    Shape Architecture continues to undertake many infill extension projects throughout London and Brighton.  Below we have included images of three current infill projects in Brighton.  These 3D images give an idea of how the design and the communication with our Clients is carried out.  The use of 3D models ensures that we can communicate clearly and this is the foundation for a successful project.  We have an extensive portfolio of these types of residential project and we typically produce 5 proposals for discussion with our Clients before an agreed design is arrived at.  We pay particular attention to the use of natural light and the creation of light bright contemporary interiors.  This has been recognised by the RIBA with the inclusion of a recent project in Rugby Road – Shape Architecture’s Rugby Road project has been chosen by the Royal Institute of British Architects for their forthcoming publication ‘House goals: Work with Architects; transform your home’.



    Project 01 – Lawrence Road, Brighton (Top Row)

    This option has a green sedum roof with rooflights set within.  This provides an appealing roofscape that merges into the garden when looked over from above and the rooflights flood the interior with light.

    Download the proposals brochure here.


    Project 02 – Sandgate Road, Brighton (Middle Row)

    Here a rooflight is also set within a sedum roof but this time connects to a large window with a frameless junction – this provides a simple and elegant detail.

    Download the proposals brochure here.


    Project 03 – Toronto Terrace, Brighton (Bottom Row)

    On a small infill project, a large amount of glazing serves to both fill the interior with light and provide a sense of a larger space.

    Download the proposals brochure here.