• Brighton Roof Terraces

    Brighton Roof Terraces


    Shape Architecture continues to gain planning permissions for roof terraces in Brighton.  Below are two roof terrace projects close by to each other.  One in Norfolk Road and the other at Cavendish House opposite the I 360.  Both are large roof terraces and posed considerable planning challenges in addressing the requirements of Conservation areas.


    Norfolk Road Roof Terrace in Brighton


    This is a very recent planning approval and provides a large roof terrace to a family home, accessed via a glazed box.  The property is in a Conservation Area and adjacent to a listed building.  Shape Architecture gained planning permission first time round and without any third-party planning help.  Our understanding of the features of the Conservation Area and how it affected our proposal were key factors in the success of the application.




    Cavendish House Roof Terrace in Brighton


    Here an extensive roof terrace with views of the sea has been granted planning permission.  The existing flat roof is adjacent to our client’s apartment and Shape Architecture gained planning permission to turn this space into a roof terrace for the sole use of our Client.  An initial Pre-App was submitted, and this was largely positive.  The application that followed the pre-app advice was refused.  Shape Architecture then made an appeal on behalf of our client and the project was granted planning permission.  Again, all achieved without the aid of third-party planning specialist.






    If you would like to discuss a potential roof terrace, please feel free to contact Shape Architecture.