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    Peacehaven Community Centre Architecture project
    Community Architecture

    Shape Architecture’s portfolio of community projects explores a wide range of building types, sizes and locations and it is this diversity that makes community projects such an interesting area in which to work.  Working as community architects we enjoy the liaison with each community group and fully understand the value of clear communication through the use of 3D computer images to ensure that all members are clear as the design is explored and explained.  Our smallest community buildings are the Ecosheds 01 and 02, built for the Hammersmith Community Gardens Association and each is full with interest and sustainable measures.  The first Ecoshed features a Sedum Roof and employs a series of recycled doors to form furniture, partitions and balustrades.  The second Ecoshed features a rubble roof with all of the excavated material on the site being kept on the site in order to reduce its carbon footprint.  The building itself was made offsite to minimise contractor journey and brought to the park where the building is located on the  back of  large lorry, then craned onto temporary tracks to be slid onto its foundations.  Working alongside a knowledgeable sustainable contractor who in this instance was Ecolibrium Solutions was extremely important in the success of the project.  This illustrates how community architecture can explore a variety of ideas and particularly that of sustainable buildings no matter what the size of the project.

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