• Kitchen and Garden: Glass and Transparency

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    Kitchen and Garden: Glass and Transparency


    Our work always seeks to unite kitchen and Garden as social spaces.  From small rooms with no direct access to the garden we will create a contemporary light filled interior with an immediate visual and physical access to the garden beyond. The inside and outside spaces will merge together.

    The successful approach will be determined by the use of glazing providing access, views, reflections.  Elegance can be achieved by using narrower glazing frames and these will be circa 20mm rather than a standard 47mm.  Sliding doors can be used rather than bifold doors. There will be less frames obscuring views out.  A glazed window that connects to a roof light might do so as a frameless junction.  This will emphasize a simple and elegant approach to glazing and need only be used in one key location to create this feeling.  Glazed box seats are becoming more popular and provide am interesting counterpoint to the glazed doors both internally and externally.  The above approach will ensure garden views elegantly framed whilst creating a large light filled space internally.

    The above describes an approach that does not necessarily include a rear or side extension but can work with the existing rear facade.  If side and rear extensions are incorporated then the key difference other than more space is the opportunity to incorporate a series of roof lights and also to consider the roof finish itself.

    Roof lights are a very efficient way to flood the interior with natural light and views of the sky create a sense of space and openness.  The rooflights can be fairly simple and work well.  They can be fixed or incorporate openable sections.  If openable then a rain sensor should be added to ensure they close automatically if it rains.  We often use low profile aluminium framed rooflights in our projects.  The roof finish can take many forms.  Many of our roofs are finished in green sedum trays or blankets.  This way of forming a green roof is quite simple and easily incorporated.  The composition of rooflight with sedum roof is an attractive one.


    Kitchen Design


    If you would like to design a potential kitchen refurbishment or extension please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture.




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