• Listed House near Hyde Park

    Shape Architecture was selected by a Developer client to work on the contemporary refurbishment and extension of this Grade 02 listed house near Hyde Park.

    The project follows the same approach as a project at Rickham House that is also Grade 02 listed with an external treatment that combines a green sedum roof with large expanses of glass screens and doors and Rooflights set within the sedum roof.

    The front of the house remains largely untouched and it is towards the garden that the internal spaces open and provide a much improved physical and visual connection between the inside and outside spaces.

    Real interest in this project was found in the detailing. At the top level of the rear back addition a glass roof interfaces sedum. Even more striking is the glass to glass junctions of the vertical and horizontal elements of the roof which give excitement and a level of finesse. There is flair throughout the project with care placed on the integration of the existing and the new contemporary elements.

    Shape Architecture continues to work on a wide variety of projects across London and the South East in all sectors.

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