EcoShed 01


Community Project | Sustainable Project

EcoShed 01 is located in a secluded site at the rear of Loris Gardens in Hammersmith.

As a sustainable building it touches the ground lightly through a beam and post structure, is clad in timber and roofed with a Sedum roof. It is a building that merges into its garden setting and provides an oasis of calm.

Incorporating the ethos of re-purposing

Much of the interior uses second-hand components such as a series of doors that have been adapted as seats and kitchen units, recycled flooring and recycled sink.  The store for garden tools is formed a by a cube of black painted plywood suspended from the sedum roof.

The building is much enjoyed by its users and formed the basis for Shape Architecture being asked by the Client to design EcoShed 02 in another part of Hammersmith.