EcoShed 02


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Rubble roof with circular rooflight
rubble roof on on community project

Following the success of EcoShed 01, the client – contacted Shape Architecture to design EcoShed 02.

The brief was the same, but the site very different, being in the open corner of a public park. Ecolibrium, the contractor for EcoShed 01 would be involved once more.

sustainable ecoshed with context
Ecoshed 02 in context
3d render of sustainable ecoshed
3d model and render of community project
3d render of materials
3D model showing materials of ecoshed

Pre-fabricated design

The contractor, Ecolibrium Solutions, is based in Kent and it was decided to minimise travel to and from site that the building would largely be pre-fabricated in their works and ‘delivered’ to site. On this basis the foundations were cast, and a series of railway tracks set across the park awaiting the delivery of the building.

On the allotted day EcoShed 02 arrived and was craned over the park’s perimeter trays onto the tracks and pushed along and onto its foundations. This was an exciting day for the local community, and all involved in the project.

image showing sustainable ecoshed
Ecoshed 02 on site
3d render of sustainable ecoshed
3d model and render of community project
Rubble roof on sustainable community project
Re-purposed rubble roof
image showing sustainable ecoshed

Re-purposing materials

The desire to minimise waste on the project and reduce material leaving site had an impact on the architecture. Given that the park was formed out of bomb damage it was understood that as soon as we started digging the foundations we would encounter rubble from turned over basements. It was therefore decided to form a rubble roof to EcoShed 02 and keep the rubble on site.

Sustainable architecture

This was also of interest as EcoShed 01 had a sedum roof, and there was a desire amongst all to expand and improve upon issues explored in EcoShed 01. It also had the advantage that being overlooked by many flats the roof elevation would employ the local brick and that over time the brown roof will turn green as seeds are dropped over it. Set within the rubble roof is a circular rooflight whose smooth white plinth sits in contrast to the Rubble around it.

Link to Ecoshed 01

image showing prefabricated sustainable shed
Prefabricated Ecoshed being transported to site
Prefabricated Ecoshed being transported to site
Prefabricated ecoshed being delivered on site
prefabricated ecoshed being placed on site
Prefabricated ecoshed being placed on site