Redesdale Street 01


Private Residential | Basement

This project in Redesdale Street, Chelsea sees the addition of a basement extension and lower ground floor extension and transformation alongside a redesign of the garden

Shape Architecture was commissioned through Client recommendation following our work on a number of basement projects in West London. We now have worked on over 30 basement projects throughout London and this project in Redesdale street remains one of our favourites through its combination of elegance and creative design.

Lower Ground Floor Extension and Transformation

The lower ground floor has been made a simple and elegant space. Firstly a side return extension has been added to form a simple rectangular floor plan. The space is then divided into three sections for living, kitchen and dining. The division is aided with the inclusion of a large feature kitchen island.  The kitchen island is the same length as the stairs down to the basement and the kitchen wall units, thereby forming a distinct central kitchen zone, with dining to the garden side and living to the street side.

The architecture of the space also helps to define the dining area with a large roof light above the dining table, formed in the roof to the extension.  The result is a very elegant contemporary light filled space.  One that also connects well with the outside and also with the basement extension which is defined by a full height glass screen to reflect light and add to the sense of zones and openness.

Connecting the old and new

A glass platform sits over the lightwell and connects the interior to the garden. The glass walkway runs almost the full width of the building with a 600mm wide steel grille at either end to allow ventilation to the basement level of the lightwell. We have designed many basement projects in London where it is a glass platform and many where a glass bridge sits over the lightwell. The platform approach removes the need for balustrading and further opens up views into the garden. Several steps then lead one up into the garden. The steps are also set the full width of the garden and give a generous terrace feel suitable for sitting on rather than just walking up a narrow stair.

Sustainable architecture

The brief included the desire to employ energy saving measures throughout the house. Shape Architecture has over fifteen years of experience of designing and building sustainable architecture. We are therefore able to offer strategic and straightforward advice on sustainable measures. In this instance the project includes high levels of natural daylight through well insulated windows and rooflights. In addition thermal linings have been added to existing solid brickwork walls to improve their thermal performance. Throughout the house energy efficient lights have been specified.

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Our basement extension in Kensington is one of thirty basement projects that Shape Architecture has undertaken throughout London.  We have put together a brochure of these 30 basements and you are able to download this by clicking on the adjacent image.