Shirley Drive


Private Residential | Extension

Proposed ground floor sketch
Proposed first floor sketch
Existing rear elevation 01
Existing rear elevation 02
Existing rear elevation 03

Shape Architecture has gained planning permission to transform this property in Shirley Drive, adding a single and two storey extension to the rear.

In addition, an office space is created from the existing garage and design features such as a triple height space over a feature stair are also part of the planning permission. Out of a property characterised by small rooms with little connection to the large garden, one which is light filled and spacious and fully opens onto the garden has been created. Planning permission was granted with ease.

Hove Extensions

Extensive remodelling at both ground and first floor levels, changes the layout of the property to reflect contemporary living and the requirements of our Clients. Shape Architecture was commissioned in competition with a number of local practices.

Our portfolio of private residential projects in both Brighton and London impressed the client, who was interested in an approach centred around light and space. It is the range of projects between London and Brighton that sets Shape Architecture apart and benefits all our Clients in Brighton and Hove.

Design and Communication

Shape Architecture explores each design no matter what size in a variety of ways, all with the intention of describing creative designs in as clear a manner as possible. It is this clarity of communication that underpins the success of our projects alongside equally clear communication with the planning authority, consultants and contractors.

Many 3D computer models and perspective images were created for this project alongside free hand sketching and CAD drawings.

Following our survey, we provided the Client with a large brochure of a variety of proposals and this formed the starting point of our work and development of the client brief. The 3D models proved very useful in exploring double and triple height spaces and the variety of ways that daylight could be brought into all areas of the house.

The Design Proposal

The planning approved scheme sees a full width extension, part single and double storey to the rear, that forms a large kitchen dining room. A feature frameless box window is also incorporated. The flat roof over the extension is finished in Sedum with a large format rooflight set within. Shape Architecture has been designing green roofs for over fifteen years. And sometimes brown rubble roofs too. The smaller extension at first floor is invaluable in allowing a re-ordering of rooms and addition of bathrooms, to far improve the first-floor layout. The ceiling is cut away in one bedroom to give space over to a mezzanine level. Over the stair the ceiling is cut away too and a simple rooflight over floods the stair with natural light. Further rooflights are set over all bathrooms. In addition, the garage becomes a very useful and well-integrated home office. The project is very successful and shows how an existing property can be re-worked to achieve a contemporary feel and provide all the accommodation that a client might require.

Brighton and Hove Architects

If you would like to discuss a project focused on the issues of daylight and making the most of the relationship between inside and outside spaces please feel free to contact Shape architecture, we would be very pleased to talk to you.