• Basements in London: Computer Modelling

    London Basement Conversions: Computer modelling

    We are currently producing a 3D library of the fifteen basement conversions we have worked on over the last several years. This will form a very useful resource for our clients during the design phases of each basement conversion project.

    London Basement Conversions: Computer Visualisations

    Our 3D library illustrates each project that allows easy comparison to be made between each basement project. Our use of computer visualisation goes much further in that we produce perspective images of spaces that will, for example, enable our clients to see the view to the garden from within the kitchen dining room. We also create sunlight animations that show the daylight and sunlight penetration in an interior over a day. We can select any day of the year to do this. One Fulham basement extension benefitted from this approach recently in the design of its garden lightwell and the nature of the glazed sliding doors that give onto it.

    London Basement Conversion: Computer modelling of Light wells

    The 3D modelling of light wells to basement conversions is particularly useful. With the lightwell as an interface between building interior and garden there are potentially many components and materials in a small space and so their composition is important. Here computer visualisations, both models and perspectives are extremely useful design tools.

    London Basement Conversions: Modelling of internal stairs

    Our basement extensions in Kensington and Fulham have all explored a variety of modelling techniques as various design issues have been explored. Three dimensional modelling of internal stairs have always proved useful both as a design tool and a way in which to discuss a key design feature with our clients. The form and detail of a stair, particularly those that are freestanding require understanding of its appearance from all viewpoints, above and below, for the full potential of a stair to be realised. One Fulham basement conversion completed last year has a freestanding stair located in a glass cube located between interior and garden. Another basement conversion in Kensington has a dramatic stair running four storeys back lit by a four storey window and rooflight. The design and detail has been much helped by detailed computer modelling.