• Brighton Roof Terrace project progress on site

    Brighton Roof Terrace project progress on site

    Just started on site but clear that everyone involved in this project is excited by it, our Norfolk Road roof terrace and rear extension project is starting to progress.  The initial challenges relate to establishing the various levels and setting out for the new elements of construction, particularly the integration of the new feature stair leading onto the roof terrace and the level of the roof terrace as it relates to existing features.  These strategic decisions are key and once decided the subsequent work is relatively straightforward.  We are visiting site every week and reviewing progress.  After each site visit, we write a report the next day and issue it to all parties.  The report is illustrated with site photographs for record and also states all the actions to be undertaken by each member of the team.  We are also dealing with the financial side of the project.  Here the Contractor issues his valuation on a monthly basis.  We visit site to inspect the works from which we write our Architects Certificate deducting five per cent which is to be retained till the end of the project and only released on certain criteria being met by the Contractor.  These activities are a very good example of how an architect acts as the client’s agent, supporting the client at every stage.


    Brighton Extensions


    Whilst the addition of the roof terrace characterises this project, the rear upper-level extensions are equally important.  They add walk-in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms to each of the two bedrooms on this floor level.  Accessed through a run of bookshelves via a hidden door the creativity of this project is evident in all it’s elements and we are excited to see it develop on site.


    Brighton Architects


    If you have a roof terrace project in Brighton that you would like to discuss please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture.  We would  be happy to visit you at your property to discuss your plans and to explain the process.  This initial consultation is free and very useful for each potential client.

    Site Progress Photographs

    Exterior Norfolk Road Brighton
    Roof works in progress at Norfolk Road Brighton
    Roof works in progress at Norfolk Road Brighton