• Garden Studio Architects

    Garden Studio Architects

    Shape Architecture continues to design a variety of garden studios throughout London and Brighton.   A building type we have been designing for over fifteen years when we first designed Ecoshed 01 in Hammersmith.  We have recently been discussing our portfolio of garden studios with prospective clients and one that has drawn much attention is the garden studio we obtained planning permission for last year in Hammersmith.

    This saw the addition of a garden room to a ground floor flat linked by an enclosed glazed route wide enough to sit down and enjoy views of the garden.  The studio itself replaces an existing poor-quality garage and benefits from a separate entrance on the adjacent street.  Below the garage was a built up area of garden behind a concrete wall and given that this could be easily excavated, a two storey garden studio was explored with a mix of green sedum roofs and glazed rooflights providing a roofscape that can be enjoyed by the large number of properties which overlook the site.  As with all our projects much use was made of drawing by hand and 3D computer modelling to communicate clearly with our clients and develop the design.


    Link to Garden Studio project: https://www.shapearchitecture.co.uk/project/garden-studio-home-office/

    Link to EcoShed 02: https://www.shapearchitecture.co.uk/project/eco-shed-02/

    Sketch of Garden Office
    garden studio home offcie work from home eco office
    Garden Studio
    Perspective Section Cut