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As architects working all throughout London, we have completed works in all of the London boroughs, ranging from Clapham or Wandsworth, Hammersmith and Fulham as well as Kensington and Chelsea. As architects in Hammersmith we have completed two pieces of sustainable architecture that are now well-bedded into the community.

Architecture in Hammersmith

Shape Architecture London is a professional practice that benefits from Chartered RIBA status and has had many clients around Hammersmith, as well as across London and the South-East. Our design teams work on a wide range of architectural assignments that consist of everything from private residential projects to academic and community complexes. Every development our design team seek to construct revolves around the principles of open space, light and transparency. Our company’s London-based architectural work follows these ideals with active client input.

Shape Architecture has over 15 years of experience developing environmentally-friendly, low energy houses. We are a client-focused business and will customise our service to suit each client’s desires.

Experienced and Customer Focused Architects in Hammersmith

Shape Architecture has been at the helm of building projects across a number of industrial sectors. In the past, we have designed schools, nurseries, community complexes, and private houses. As architects, we pride ourselves on our scope of work with an ethos that no project is too large or too small,  always looking to add architectural interest in our work. Given the great diversity of our special areas of practice, our company has the ability to offer cutting-edge and original architectural solutions.

Private Residential Projects

Our architects’ residential projects vary from small extensions to large scale basement conversions and complete renovation. The common denominator of our designs is an exceptional combination of crucial concepts like living space, transparency, and light. Fresh build proposals such as the Devon Eco House spotlight the union of sustainable building and modern, inspiring design.

Sustainable Architecture From our Architects in Hammersmith

At Shape Architecture London, we have been developing environmentally friendly properties for over fifteen years. We use that experience for the benefit of our customers along with their specifications and the individual requirements of each project. Our team provides professional guidance on a range of sustainability concerns. These include relatively simple elements like the installation of PV panels, and much more challenging concerns, like heat pumps.

Hammersmith Community Architecture

The first EcoShed 01 located in Hammersmith is in a secluded site at the rear of Loris Gardens. As it was required to be an example of a sustainable building it only touches the ground lightly through a beam and post structure and features a green Sedum roof that collects rainwater. Much of the interior uses second hand components such as a series of doors that have been adapted as seats and dividers, recycled flooring and recycled sink.

Sustainable Community Buildings

EcoShed 02 in Hammersmith was commissioned by the Hammersmith and Community Gardens Association, whom we previously worked with on EcoShed 01. The brief asked for a sustainable building to be sited in Godolphin Park. This was a much more public setting than at the previous EcoShed 01 and demanded a different approach. The contractor, Ecolibrium Solutions, was based in Kent and it was decided to minimise travel to and from site that the building would largely be pre-fabricated in their works and ‘delivered’ to site. On this basis the foundations were cast and a series of railway tracks set across the park awaiting the delivery of the building.

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Basement Extensions

Shape Architecture undertake basement extensions throughout London. We have experience building basements across many boroughs, and in many different types of locations ranging from Conservation Areas to Mews and Cul-de-Sacs. We have obtained planning permission for both single and double basement extensions. Given the technical complexity of a basement conversion it is important to engage consultants with a proven expertise, and at Shape Architecture we have good and well established relations with many Structural Engineers, Party Wall Surveyors, Building Control companies and a range of Contractors, all of whom are very well experienced in the design and construction of basement extensions.

Rubble Roof

The desire to minimise waste on the project and reduce the amount of materials leaving site had an impact on the architecture. As the park was formed after bomb damage in World War II it was understood that we would encounter rubble from turned over basements as soon as we started digging for foundations. It was therefore decided to form a rubble roof to EcoShed 02 and keep the rubble on site. It also had the advantage that being overlooked by many flats the roof elevation would employ the local brick to initially blend in to the area, and that over time the brown roof will turn green as seeds are dropped over it. Set within the rubble roof is a circular rooflight whose smooth white plinth sits in contrast to the rubble around it and allows plenty of light into the building. Such a successful design is typical of Shape Architecture’s desire to work with design challenges thrown up by a site such as this.

Side and Rear Extensions

At Shape Architecture we have worked on many types of extension. Either as projects in their own right or as a part of a larger project, these projects add valuable additional floor space and are carefully designed so as to provide opportunities for an enhanced visual and physical connection between the inside and outside. It is also advisable to take the chance to bring more daylight into the interior through various rooflights above side, rear, wraparound, or loft extensions.

Extensions to Listed Buildings

Working as architects in London we have both extended and refurbished a number of Grade 2 listed buildings for our clients, and would be able to bring this expertise to any new projects in Hammersmith and Fulham as required. We have obtained planning permissions to extend these listed buildings in a contemporary manner, and in many cases have also opened up the spaces with simple and elegant light filled designs. Many of our projects are also in conservation areas, and we have been successful in obtaining planning permissions for a wide variety of projects in them. These range from new apartments to double basements and smaller extension and refurbishment projects, including the conversion of separate flats into large family homes.

Our Fees are a Fixed Lump Sum

Our portfolio includes a large range of projects of various sizes

Melrose, Hammersmith, London

This basement extension project features an extensive new basement alongside the full redevelopment of the existing property to include side extension and loft extension.  It sits within our portfolio of 15 Fulham and Hammersmith basement extensions and incorporates many design features explored in other projects alongside those added features such as large-scale slot windows to the flank walls which serve to flood the interior with light and integrate with the principle stair.

Melrose Basement
Work in progress at Melrose, Hammersmith Basement

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