• Loft Extension and Whole House Refurbishment, Loughton

    Loft Extension

    Shape Architecture has recently been working on a wide variety of residential projects across London. Whilst many of these take the form of pod rooms or second floor extensions, or basement extensions in Fulham, at Loughton in the Epping Forest area we have been working on a loft extension for a single storey bungalow property. Shape Architecture has a great deal of experience working with lofts, and in this project we are adding a whole second floor to the property and converting it to a two storey family home.

    Architecture in Loughton

    Our first action was to extend the hipped roof of the semi-detached property out into a gable end. This being our first action immediately added a significant amount of space to the property, and creates a viable second storey layout. In order to get more light into the bedrooms on the new first floor, rooflights are added to the street-side of the property and two large dormer windows are added to look out over the garden – one for the smaller bedroom, and one for the master bedroom. One of these rooflights is situated over the new double height void in the entrace area of the building that will provide a dramatic and light filed introduction to the property.

    Whole House Refurbishment

    Additionally, we have been working on the ground floor layout of the building, making changes to the internal flow of rooms and editing access between the kitchen and a joined dining-living room space. This will serve to create a more logical and agreeable space within the property. The addition of a new staircase up into the new second floor requires us to move one of the existing internal walls to one side, allowing us to change one of the existing bedrooms into a spacious and light filled study area with a bay window. These ground floor refurbishments are included as a separate project within the same planning application so that, with the exception of the staircase, our clients can feel free to make the ground floor changes when they feel comfortable to do so.

    Residential Architects in London

    As final changes, we have added a pair of new sliding glass doors out onto the garden, thereby improving the connection between the interior and exterior spaces on the ground floor, and creating a layout filled with natural light and space. We have a great deal of experience creating both loft extensions and whole house refurbishments at Shape Architecture, and we can help to make your plans for your property a reality.