• Peacehaven Community Centre

    Peacehaven Community Centre revisited

    As we spend some time reviewing our Community Projects, we have revisited our Community Centre in Peacehaven.  In doing so we have also looked again at the design with new software producing both 3D computer models and animations.  This is now a common approach to all our community projects and as such helps to clearly explain the design ideas to the Client group and all other interested parties.  The 3D animations are particularly useful.

    The Peacehaven Community Centre was built for the House Project Centre and is particularly successful in that it was built on a small parcel of land the rear of the shop with access gained from an adjacent road.

    The building is two storeys high and offers two large community spaces.  To the rear of each space are the back of house facilities such as WC’s, storage, and kitchenette.  To the front is the feature stair and a lift.  The stair is a feature of the project as it is fronted by a two-storey glazed screen which serves to flood the space with natural light.




    Frequently asked Questions 


    What is the role of an architect in community projects?

    The value of an architect for a community project is in the way that an architect t can support a community group or charity at every stage of their work and add value to it.  From the outset simple 3D images are useful in gaining interest in the project and can assist in funding activities.  Architects should be patient, supportive and listen carefully to the needs of the community group.


    Are Community Projects Sustainable?

    The community centre in Peacehaven has an air source heat pump linked to underfloor heating to address the sustainable brief set by our clients.  The simple things are also done right.  All spaces have ample natural light including back of house spaces such as kitchenette and storage rooms.  Openings are dealt with in great detail and air barrier detailing is carefully considered to limit any air leakage.



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    Shape Architecture continues to expand its portfolio of community projects and we are presently on site in Colchester with a large community project for the Dacon Trust.



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