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Shape Architecture starts 2024 with planning permission for a rear extension in Hanwell.

Following the success of our refurbishment of a house in Hanwell our clients there recommended Shape Architecture to a newly arrived neighbour also looking to create a contemporary light filled space with the addition of a rear extension. Our new projects are often awarded on this basis which is testament to the effort and quality of service we provide for our clients.

Once the site survey and the production of survey drawings plus a 3D computer model has been completed, we then move onto a series of design proposals.  We are looking at four different designs.

Ealing Extension


The designs all explore how the space can be opened up and filled with daylight.  The visual and physical connection with the garden beyond is also an important consideration.  The addition of a rear extension adds valuable floor space and enables more light to be brought into the interior via the use of rooflights and this is explored in various ways and always with 3D models.

Views of the exterior in 3D coupled with interior perspective views taken from the computer model describe the proposals very clearly to our client.  These are coupled with 2D plans and supporting drawings.  All this material is bound into a Proposals Brochure and issued to our client as a PDF document.  Once our client has had a chance to review the contents, we will visit them at their home to discuss the design proposals.  This is then typically followed by a further reworking of the preferred option taking on board our clients comments and a revised proposals brochure will be issued.  Again, with the 3D model being updated with our clients comments.  The design is then signed off and we prepare the planning drawings and supporting documents such as the design and access statement.  Acting as our clients agent we the upload the whole application via the planning portal.  It is then received by the local planning authority who proceed to validate the application and the planning period of 8 weeks begins.

Internal 3D Render
Internal 3D Render
Existing Ground Floor Plan
Proposed Ground Floor Plan

If you have a project in Ealing that you would like to explore.  If you would like to transform your property.  Please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture.  We would be very happy discuss this with you. Please contact us on 020 3770 6360 or london@shapearchitecture.co.uk 

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