• Roundhouse’s Chef’s Table

    Roundhouse’s Chef’s Table

    Shape Architecture were kindly invited to the Chef’s Table event at Roundhouse Kitchens in Fulham, an evening for architects and interior designers. This event showcased how latest kitchen design and technology can be integrated with architectural principles, introducing sophistication to contemporary living spaces. Shape Architecture have worked with Roundhouse Kitchens on many residential projects and continue to enjoy a successful relationship.

    Functional Design in Action

    The focal point of the evening was a live cooking demonstration by a Miele chef, utilising Miele’s latest oven range to prepare a three-course meal. This live demo served as an excellent real-time display of Roundhouse kitchens’ functionality and aesthetic. Each dish prepared not only provided culinary enjoyment but also acted as a practical illustration of how effective design and modern technology can enhance both cooking experiences and everyday living.

    The layout, materials used, and ergonomic design of the kitchen were prominently displayed, demonstrating the planning Roundhouse invests in each custom kitchen. The designs ensure that each kitchen is not just visually striking but also precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

    Architectural Insights

    During the event, discussions about kitchen design were abundant, covering topics like the integration of new technologies into custom cabinetry, the employment of sustainable materials, and the ergonomic considerations essential for creating accessible and enjoyable kitchen spaces.  At Shape Architecture, we often collaborate with kitchen companies as part of a comprehensive design process. Initially, spatial designs are developed, followed by detailed design stages in partnership with specialist kitchen designers. We have a wealth of experience working on kitchen design, please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture; we would be happy to help


    We would like to say a big thank you to Roundhouse Kitchens for a lovely evening. Roundhouse Kitchens are based in various locations across London (website below):


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