• Douro Place, Kensington

    Architects in Kensington

    As Architects in Kensington Shape Architecture continues to work on a wide range of residential projects. These vary in type and scale from an interior design project currently on site in Hereford Square to a large basement project that also sees the existing building currently configured as four flats returned to a single family dwelling of some five hundred square metres. This latter project has now reached the stage where the technical information is complete.

    Basements in Kensington

    Shape Architecture has a considerable expertise in the design and construction of basements in Kensington and throughout London. Here the basement provides valuable additional floorspace which will benefit from a considerable amount of natural daylight from a variety of sources. Our basement conversions in London are always designed to maximise the benefit of natural light. We look to provide a variety of natural light sources ranging from rooflights and lightwells to glazed platforms and double height spaces.

    Extensions in Kensington

    This project also includes a number of extensions in order to maximise internal space and improve the layout of rooms. The existing lightwell is enclosed with a continuous glass screen behind which is located the new feature stair. This allows light to flood the interior stairwell and hallways at every level and ensures that the stair is a key feature within the building. A further extension is the side infill at lower ground floor level. This helps create a large family room at this level facing the garden. The roof to the side extension is a green Sedum Roof with a simple and elegant rooflight set within it. Our extensions in Kensington and throughout London feature rooflights in various forms as this is an extremely efficient way to bring daylight into an interior.

    Sustainable Architects in Kensington

    The project has provided many opportunities for the energy performance of the existing building to be upgraded. All windows are being replaced with high performance timber frames and glazing. Every effort is made in the detailing of the windows on their openings to ensure heat does not leach out through gaps between frame and wall. The walls themselves are lined with thermal dry lining throughout. If you are considering the refurbishment of a property in Kensington this is an excellent way to improve its energy performance. A series of rooflights are introduced throughout the property. These range from Conservation Rooflights to low profile aluminium framed contemporary rooflights. The impact is to much reduce any reliance on artificial lighting with the benefit felt by being able to see the sky and having a light filled interior.

    Interior Refurbishment

    In addition to the basement extension and the various above ground extensions this project involves the complete refurbishment of the interior. The change from four separate flats to a single dwelling has meant that the interior is almost entirely re-worked. A series of spacious light filled rooms have been created.