• Fulham and Kensington Extensions and Refurbishment

    Fulham and Kensington Extensions and Refurbishment

    Shape Architecture is currently working on three similar residential projects in Fulham and Kensington. These are projects which combine internal refurbishment with small extensions to create spacious contemporary interiors. The largest of these is in St Dionis Road in Fulham. Here a side extension helps create a simple rectangular floor plan. All internal walls are removed to create a large contemporary interior with excellent connection onto the garden beyond. The small internal change in level is dealt with in a sweeping curved step and this helps define several internal zones in the one space without having to physically divide the space.

    Fulham Extension and Refurbishment

    Another Fulham extension and refurbishment project currently on site is at Niton Street. This project is a flat over two levels which we are refurbishing and the addition of a pod room. The internal layout of the flat remains the same in contrast to the project at St Dionis Road. The upgrade relates to new bathrooms, kitchen, electrics and lighting and bespoke internal furniture. Shape Architecture has designed a number of new wardrobes for the apartment, working closely with client. Very many of our projects require bespoke furniture to be designed and we are very experienced in doing so.

    Kensington Extension and Refurbishment

    Our project at Edge street in Kensington is similar to that of St Dionis Road in its combination of extensions and internal refurbishment to create a light bright interior. Once again a simple side extension will much improve the kitchen and dining space. A further extension at the upper level will expand the Master Suite.