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    Shape Architecture has been working as architects in Hammersmith for 17 years and our Director Jason Wren has been in practice in Hammersmith for a further ten years. Our work encompasses private residential projects of all types and size. Common to all is the creation of light filled contemporary spaces.

    Below we illustrate the breadth of our work in Hammersmith with three projects. The first is a basement extension with ground floor refurbishment in Beauclerc Street. The second is a complete reworking of a ground floor flat plus the addition of a garden room with both spaces are connected by a glazed link. This project is located in St Stephens Road in Hammersmith.

    The third project illustrates our expertise in sustainable design with ECOSHED 2 for a local charity located in the small Hammersmith Park, Godolphin Gardens,


    Hammersmith Basement Extension


    Our basement project is filled with light and well-integrated with the rest of the property. The basement corridor is wide, and this gives an immediate sense of space which is added to with the use of glazed crittall screens and doors giving onto the large family room. The stair linking basement to ground floor follows the existing stair run but is detailed to a high standard and adds to the feeling of a high-quality contemporary interior. Of our now 16 basement projects in the borough, we rate this one highly and our Client comments:


    “Couldn’t have got our project done without Shape. Jason provided sound advice, worked efficiently and to agreed timelines, and ultimately designed us a new space in our house which we absolutely love!”



    Hammersmith Garden Studio and refurbishment


    This planning permission is particularly successful in that not only does it gain permission for a large garden studio but also for an enclosed glazed link connecting the studio back to the flat allowing easy access in all weathers. The glazed link is also wide enough to allow seating. Enclosed with large glazed panels and roofed with a green sedum roof it is a striking addition to the property. The garden studio itself follows the same aesthetic with rooflights set within its sedum roof flooding the interior with light. The third part of the project sees the flat reworked to create a light filled contemporary interior with a much improved visual and physical connection with the garden.



    Ecoshed 2, Godolphin Gardens, Hammersmith


    Following the design of Ecoshed 1 by our Director Jason Wren, the charity Hammersmith Community Gardens Association asked Shape Architecture to design ECOSHED 2. Located in Godolphin Gardens in Hammersmith the building provides an outlet for the charity to carry out its activities in the community. The project brief called for a building that was demonstrably sustainable. Through its use of sustainable materials, it’s careful detailing we explore sustainable design principles that can be applied to all our projects.




    This breadth of experience coupled with a long period of time working in Hammersmith means that Shape Architecture has a wide and longstanding relationship with local contractors and a range of consultants. Equally we have been dealing with the local planning authority and building control for some 17 years.


    Link to EcoShed 01:  https://www.shapearchitecture.co.uk/project/eco-shed-01/

    Link to EcoShed 02:  https://www.shapearchitecture.co.uk/project/eco-shed-02/

    Link to Hammersmith Basement Extension:  https://www.shapearchitecture.co.uk/project/hammersmith-basement/

    Link to Hammersmith Garden Studio and Home Office:  https://www.shapearchitecture.co.uk/project/garden-studio-home-office/


    If you have a project you would like us to be involved in, we are more than happy to guide you through all RIBA stages and offer a complimentary initial consultation. Please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture at 0203 7706360 or london@shapearchitecture.co.uk  .  We would be happy to discuss this with you.

    prefabricated ecoshed being placed on site
    Prefabricated ecoshed being placed on site
    Prefabricated Ecoshed being transported to site
    Prefabricated ecoshed being delivered on site