• Sustainable Architects in Kensington

    Sustainable Architects in Kensington

    Whereas community projects such as our EcoShed in Shepherds Bush are demonstrably sustainable and school projects such as our project for Anthony Roper Primary School in Kent equally so, there is a real challenge and opportunity in private residential work to pursue low energy measures. At Shape Architecture we bring over fifteen years of sustainable design experience to our portfolio of projects. We understand how to do the simple things well, such as locating windows and rooflights to maximise the benefits of natural light.

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    At our project off Kensington High Street we have investigated a wide range of sustainable and energy saving measures. We have lined every existing external wall with a thermal lining board by British Gypsum. The board is formed of rigid insulation bonded to plasterboard. This measure will significantly improve the thermal performance of the existing walls. It will also improve their acoustic performance and provide an excellent finish for plastering to. Equally important is the detailed design of the window junctions to stop hot air leaking out and also the specification of high performance glazing. Working as architects in Kensington we have explored opportunities for low energy design across the borough. At our project in Adam and Eve Mews in Kensington we have undertaken an EcoHomes Assessment, which gives a clear definition of energy performance against set criteria. A series of credits are allotted depending on the range of low energy measures that a project contains.

    Sustainable Architects in London

    Our project in Douro Place in Kensington features several Green Sedum Roofs. These provide an attractive visual appearance to all those properties looking down onto the roof. The roofs also provide a habitat for birdlife and helps with rainwater run off as it will absorb up to 70% of rainfall that hits it. As sustainable architects in London we have a wide range of experience in designing all types of green roofs over a variety of building types and sizes. In Shepherds Bush we have also designed and built a brown rubble roof on a project. The rubble roof will over time become greener as seeds are blown or dropped over the rooftop. Our projects always feature interiors filled with natural light, even our basement projects. This not only provides for a pleasing internal space but also diminishes a reliance on artificial lighting.