• Basement Extensions in Fulham – Update

    Fulham Basement Extensions

    Shape Architecture has now completed our digital survey of a new Fulham basement extension in Inglethorpe Road, and we are presently working up a series of design options. At the same time we are working up the technical design of our basement extension in Fulham in Clonmel Road, which received planning permission last month.

    Fulham Basement Extensions: Planning Permission

    As architects designing and constructing basements in Fulham and throughout London, we are therefore well aware of all technical issues whilst designing the project from the very earliest stages, prior to the submission of the planning application. This makes for an efficient design process and dialogue with our clients. A particular example might be the technical design issues of rooflights or various permutations of a feature staircase. Similarly our portfolio of built projects then informs our technical design.

    Fulham Basement Extensions: Technical Design

    Testing design details through the construction process and observing them over time makes for well informed decisions during both the technical and design phases of a project. When a client asks ‘how do I construct a basement extension?’ we are able to respond authoritatively in respect to every stage of the project from design to construction and completion, and this technical knowledge is both a great aid during the design process, as well as being a big reassurance for the client.