• Basement Extensions in Kensington

    Kensington Basement Extensions

    Shape Architecture is currently working on a very interesting basement extension in Kensington which involves the incorporation of existing vaults. There is much opportunity to develop these elements into an architectural feature of the basement extension.

    The contrast between the ‘heavy’ form of the arched vaults and lightweight and transparent glass screens is one approach that is being explored. Also the use of one vault as a double height space and the other having a floor inserted at the existing lower ground floor level. The use of contrasting volumes and contrasting materials will create an interesting composition.

    A number of our Kensington basement extensions have followed this design approach before, one good example being our Kensington basement extension in Adam and Eve Mews that recently received planning permission. Here a long strip of structural glass is set in the floor and with a graded finish from opaque to clear. Other Kensington basement projects have explored the use of glass in feature stairs in order to create a lightweight elegant structure. In this project we are also looking at locating the stair close to the vaults to create a series of interesting volumes and contrasting materials.

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