• Fulham Pod Rooms

    Fulham Pod Room

    Shape Architecture is currently working on a large number of Fulham pod rooms, and our pod room in Edgarley street is now complete. We were appointed by our client on the basis of a recommendation from a contractor known to the client.

    Fulham Pod Room Architects

    As with our wide portfolio of Fulham basements and basement extensions throughout London, we are able to offer expert advice to clients pursuing a pod room and have an extensive portfolio of pod room projects to point to, and if necessary, we can arrange for viewings of these projects in some instances.

    How do I Build a Pod Room

    A pod room is typically a timber framed construction clad in slate with insulation set between stud work and a felt roof over set to falls. Various window types and rooflights can be incorporated into the pod room design. At Shape Architecture we always create a 3D computer model of the pod room in its setting and this explains the project very clearly to our clients and allows for a variety of window and rooflight types to be explored, as well as having their impact on interior light levels and views out to be experimented with.

    Why Build a Pod Room

    A pod room can provide extremely useful additional accommodation that can be used variously as a further bedroom, a study or a bathroom. It is easily accessed typically from a half landing on the existing stairs and as such is well integrated into the layout of the house.

    Fulham Pod Rooms: Contractors

    We keep a list of a number of local contractors who are experienced in building pod rooms in Fulham, and whilst we have been appointed on many projects through their recommendation, we are also able to recommend contractors if requested to by our clients.