• New Basement & Whole House Conversion

    Shape Architecture has begun work on another Basement and whole house conversion in Cloncurry street, Fulham.  As architects working in Fulham we have now worked on seven such projects in the last year and continue to be commissioned on many more.  Each new project has come through client recommendation.  Set alongside all our other basement conversion projects in London, ranging from Barnes to a double basement in Kensington, Shape Architecture has an impressive and constantly improving portfolio of basement conversions.  In Cloncurry street we are looking at the integration of a central core of light well and feature stairs to bring light, space and views into the heart of the basement and ground floor levels.  Here a freestanding stair will sit between the interior circulation and an external light well.  The central section of the basement will be filled with light during the day and at night the stair and glass panels provide much opportunity for feature lighting.

    Key to the project is the use of light wells.   The garden light well is large and rather than a retaining wall at its face has a glazed screen giving onto a studio space.  A stair also leads one up to the garden and by these devices the views out of the basement are much enhanced.  A second light well is located in the middle of the building and brings light down into the heart of the basement.  It also helps to provide interesting horizontal and vertical links within the interior. A bridge is formed from reception room to kitchen that opens up onto the light well.

    At basement level the floor plan provides a mix of large family spaces and smaller utility spaces.  The central light well also allows a generous study to be sited at this level with access into the light well.  The corridor is a generous width and the internal height is just under three metres, all of which reinforce a sense of space and light at the basement level.

    At ground floor the space divides very simply into formal reception rooms and a large kitchen dining space giving onto the garden.  The reception rooms have the added feature of the direct link to the kitchen.  Within the kitchen dining space an enphasis is put upon the connection with the garden, both physical and visual, alongside a high level of natural light.  Full width glazed screens onto the garden are augmented with large rooflights to maximise daylight and sunlight into the space. A sunlight animation was carried out by Shape Architecture to ensure the rooflights provided an effective and comfortable level of sunlight and daylight.

    At the first and second floor levels the key design work has been in the provision of a Master suite and the addition of a Pod Room.  The master suite was developed with the client to provide a light and spacious en-suite and an elegant and well organized walk in wardrobe.  The pod room has provided a further bedroom, with a good range of windows and rooflight that take advantage of its location and aspect.

    Having just completed two basements in Ellerby street and working on further similar basement projects in Barnes, Chelsea and Kensington, the project at Cloncurry benefits from a wide range of current advice and expertise.