• Pod Room Extensions

    Pod Rooms

    At Shape Architecture we have recently been doing a lot of work dealing specifically with second floor rear extensions in London, often called Pod Rooms. In many circumstances, these Pod Rooms can be a superb way of adding extra floor space to your property, and under permitted development legislation they can reduce the need for a full planning application. At Shape Architecture we have a great deal of experience with these projects, and we can help you to come up with the best solution for your property.

    Fulham Architecture

    One such property where we undertook survey and planning drawings was at Edgarley Terrace, in Fulham. Like many projects that we are retained on to create a Pod Room, there was a previously existing loft conversion with an additional staircase running up to it from the first floor. Where these properties have a rear of the building at a slightly lower level, often the case with Victorian and Edwardian terrace architecture in Fulham, we are able to create an additional landing partway up the stairs to the loft extension from which we can take the stairs up to the Pod Room. With a window in either side of the Pod Room, as well as a rooflight, our design ensures a modern room with plenty of natural light that provides valuable extra floor space for the property, as well as creating a pleasing massing profile. This project is now nearing completion.

    Residential Architects in London

    Another project where we have been working on the addition of a Pod Room to a previously extended property is on Brookville Road, Fulham. Again, here we have used our expertise as architects in Fulham to design a Pod Room extension that utilises the staircase from the already existing loft extension for access. Through careful survey work we have created a design that will again feature a window in either side of the Pod Room, to be used as a bedroom, and the addition of a rooflight over the staircase means light will be brought down through into all levels of the property. In conjunction with the Pod Room, at this property we have also added an en suite to the master bedroom, as well as a walk-in wardrobe. We have also made minor alterations to the staircase at the request of the client, to ensure the same style of balustrade exists throughout the property.

    Residential Extensions

    Most recently we have been retained on a project in Firth Gardens, not far from Edgarley Terrace, and as with many of our projects we have been recommended to the client on the strength of our previous work. Much of our work comes from recommendations, and we take pride in the quality of our work. At Firth Gardens we have again been asked to produce a Pod Room to create extra floor space, and we have been able to create a successful design despite the rear of the property being at a challenging height to work with. The addition of windows and a large, centred rooflight will again bring a large amount of natural light into the property, making for a successful extension.

    We have a great deal of experience working as London architects on a wide variety of residential buildings at Shape Architecture, and we can help you make your plans for your property a reality.