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    Having completed the EcoShed in Fulham several years ago we like to visit this building on a regular basis. Located in Godolphin Park the project is readily accessible. The Rubble Roof as it becomes greener over time is a feature of the building that continues to evolve. The Rubble Roof was devised in order to minimise the amount of excavated material leaving the site, given that the Carbon Footprint of the building was being calculated. As sustainable architects in Fulham we had already designed EcoShed 01 for the same Client, where we had incorporated a Green Sedum roof. EcoShed 02 was to be an equally low energy structure and would explore several different materials and technologies to those employed at the first EcoShed, which presented another good reason to incorporate a Rubble Roof.

    Sustainable Architects

    Shape Architecture enjoys the diversity of the work we undertake in Fulham. Our residential projects are varied, from basement extensions to pod rooms and outside of the residential sector we continue to work on sustainable community buildings. As architects with a in depth knowledge of sustainable architecture gained over the last sixteen years we are able to advise our residential clients in the simple measures that will have an impact on the energy use of their home. This ranges from the size and orientation of windows and roof lights to the detailed ways in which to ensure warm air does not escape the building fabric.

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    We have found that one of the most efficient ways in which to improve the thermal performance of solid masonry walls is the use of a thermal board to the interior face. These products have insulation bonded to plasterboard and also provide an excellent internal finish for decoration. We often use products by British Gypsum in this regard such as ‘Thermaline’. As architects in Fulham we are happy to discuss the range of measures available to any client interested in the thermal upgrading of their property.